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রাতে শোবার আগে মাত্র পাঁচ মিনিট নিয়মিত সময় দিলে আপনি হয়ে উঠবেন লাবণ্যময়। | EP 503

Night time skin care routine is super important. Just like taking care of your skin during the day, it is essential to have a foundational regimen set in place for the night too. While we sleep, our skin cells go into overdrive to help repair the damage incurred during the day time from being in contact with the environmental pollutants and UV radiation. Cells do this whether or not we take care of our skin. But feeding your skin all that stuff it needs to optimise the healing can give you better and marvellous results in due course. Scroll down to see the quick 5-minute basic skincare routine for the night time that you’ll fall in love with!

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DISCLAIMER: THIS IS FOR OUR EDUCATION PURPOSE PLEASE CONSULTS YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE APPLYING ANY REMEDIES. ; All the video content published on our channel is our own creativity for information only. We are NOT a licensed or a medical practitioner so always consult professional in case you need.

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    Please mam pre bridal skincare routine blben

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