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5 Thoughts to “1 dead, 7 injured in shooting at STEM school in Colorado; 2 suspects detained”

  1. xPointmockerx

    School shootings in the news should be shocking.

    Sadly, it’s not shocking anymore.

  2. Bella Wilson

    so this is a k-12 school, right?

    _imagine being the mother or father of a kindergartner and having to explain to them why people do this. that would be heartbreaking_
    most people don’t have that conversation until at least middle school…

  3. Amanda Teague

    I guess being home-schooled isn’t that bad anymore.

  4. karol monroy

    that senior that died protecting the little kids deserves to be able to graduate not buried :/

  5. Dat_kid _jay

    *”Dark hair, Nirvana hoodie…second shooter has purple and blue hair and a black hoodie”*

    That description was straight out of the School shooter handbook

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