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10 of the World’s Smallest Products that Actually Work!

10 of the World’s Smallest Working Products! ➡️
Mini-Motorcycle?! | DOPE or NOPE? ➡️

DOPE or NOPE is back at it with more crazy products that claim to be the world’s smallest! Join the crew as they unbox these tiny and hilarious products and rate them worth it (DOPE), or a waste of money (NOPE). Prepare yourself for some absurd products, and comment below which one was your favorite!

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5 Thoughts to “10 of the World’s Smallest Products that Actually Work!”

  1. Julian Moreno

    The nose frida actually works well with saline mist , best product to get boogies out of baby we got two of them each and they are honestly a life saver for parents who have snotty babies 10/10 definitely want to see Michael clear out tan-mans booger’s lmao

  2. Martin Valenzuela

    My mom used this for my sister and she still does

  3. lizziepanda girl

    No mathias is right Michael and tanner are just un educated about kids

  4. Charles Hubbard

    Nasal aspirator for infant is a thing, definitely better than the suction device you use with your hand.

  5. Evan N Bailey

    No one:
    Matthias: luna would enjoy them

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