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100% PURE® produces many different formulas for all your foundation makeup needs. Tinted Moisturizers colored from Peach and Cocoa pigments; a do-it-all BB Cream formula with UVA/UVB sunblock; a full coverage liquid Healthy Foundation infused with anti-aging superfruits; or a Powder Foundation makeup with skin purifying Eucalyptus to keep your complexion fresh all day. Whether you want barely there, sheer makeup, medium coverage or full coverage, we have the coverage you’re looking for. We also give you a variety of different finishes: dewey, satin or matte. But one thing all 100% PURE® foundations have in common is that every formula is healthy, good for your skin and full of beneficial nutrients.

❀ Fruit Pigmented Healthy Foundation
❀ Fruit Pigmented Foundation Powder
❀ Bamboo Blur Tinted Moisturizer
❀ 2nd Skin Foundation
❀ BB Cream
❀ Fruit Pigmented Cream Foundation
❀ Fruit Pigmented Tinted Moisturizer
❀ Fruit Pigmented Water Foundation



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❀About 100% PURE❀
Dedicated to providing safe, natural cosmetics, 100% PURE strives to be the best natural beauty brand for all of your makeup and skincare needs. We offer a full range of color cosmetics and skincare formulated with natural and organic ingredients that are free of harsh chemical additives and toxins. Makeup that is truly good for your skin while delivering the performance you desire. 100% PURE cosmetics are never formulated with sulfates, synthetic dyes, and are paraben free, Our commitment to the health and beauty also extends to our animal friends as we are a cruelty free brand.

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