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5 myths in skincare you need to know

Dr Tanya Kormeili is a board certified dermatologist in Santa Monica who will be discussing 5 myths in skincare. From harsh scrubs to toners and harsh chemicals the truth is revealed by an expert.

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Dr. Kormeili MD of Santa Monica Dermatology Group Los Angeles, CA,

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If you’re wearing makeup, make sure your makeup says non-comedogenic which means it doesn’t cause acne. Some of the makeup brands that are really good at cover-up are made for stage makeup and they should not be worn every day. If you are wearing foundation or anything that’s covering your skin including sunscreen, make sure you wash it every night. Makeup can lead to occlusion of your pores which can result in acne. So wash every single night, even if you’re really tired and lazy. Don’t share your makeup with other people. You wouldn’t share your underwear, with you? I know it sounds really gross, but because you don’t want other people’s bacteria on your skin. Your makeup, powder, foundation, all those brushes that come in contact with you should be cleaned and never share with other people. And a very important place where people get a lot of the bacteria from is actually the cell phone or anything you put in contact with you, even regular phone in your office. Have a little alcohol pad and just wipe the screen so that it’s not coming back and affecting your skin.

Another area where people get a lot of acne is what we call occlusion. So if you’re wearing a bandana, or helmet, or anything where it’s covering your skin in any way. you can sweat under that and that sweating can build the bacteria occlude your pores again and you can break out. So if you have helmets, or bandanas, or even bangs are covering your skin, make sure you clean under it. That leads to hair products. If you’re using hair products make sure that they’re alcohol based and they don’t have oils in them. Oils can lead to occlusion of your pores which you can get acne from. So it’s wonderful it is to have the oils on your hair make sure they’re not getting on your skin because that can lead to breakout. And finally, if you are getting really bad acne and none of these things are working for you, please see a dermatologist.

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  1. Clair Bodino

    love this vid! really helpful! I got ensalved by the advertising of skincare products and not really knowing their true effectivity on my skin 🙁

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