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5 skincare products I enjoy using | Collab


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** Quality Skincare I would buy **

from Perricone:
from Tata Harper:
from Perricone:
from Dior:
from Perricone:
from Dior:
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from Perricone:
from Tata Harper:

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Disclaimer: Not all the products I recommend will suit you. You will see me use skincare and makeup that I love personally and believe they are good having tried them on myself and my clients but of course everyone’s skin is different. I suggest that you test products out on yourself before purchasing.

All products, except where stated otherwise, used in my videos are purchased by me with my money. I do not accept payment by companies and my opinions are my own. If you see some links under the videos, they are affiliated for products that I approve of.

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3 Thoughts to “5 skincare products I enjoy using | Collab”


    Enjoyed your video, So far I am a Clinique Lover! I love the skincare the most. one of the items is called Acne Solutions acne + Line correcting serum. I love this because there isn’t any scent, It has helped my skin look very smooth and I haven’t had any acne problems since using this product. I don’t use it daily but at least 2 times a week. I will continue to use this product unless they discontinue it. The next one is called Even Better Clinical Dark spot corrector & optimizer. It has cleared pretty much all of the dark spots that I had on my cheeks I am so impressed with it and only use when needed. The All about Eyes eye cream is a favorite and I have been using this for over 8+ years. Thanks for sharing this video. It has shown me new products that I can research and add to my skincare routine.

  2. loubear

    Hi Amy…Your videos always give me ideas and products to further investigate. Unfortunately, right now I am not using any products that I can’t live without. They are all just OK. I am going to purchase and try some new ones on my never ending quest for the “holy grail” skincare! Thanks. Kathy xo

  3. Ibelieveinangels yesido

    I’ve been using a combination of Japanese skincare products in with my CeraVe for almost a year now & I’m loving what I’m using. I have replenishments en route now! Blessings! Jackie in NY state

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