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A Channel For The Mature Aging Woman / 2017 HIGHLIGHTS / Mature Beauty / Wigs / Makeup / Skin Care

HIGHLIGHTS FROM 2017. This channel is all about aging with grace, confidence and humor. We are building a positive community here… lending support to fellow aging, mature women.

Here you will find makeup tutorials for mature skin, skin care education and product knowledge, wig chats and styling tips…and so much more. Thanks for watching and I hope you have subscribed if this channel seems like a good fit for you!

We are all on this aging journey together! Do what brings you joy and happiness. Wigs, makeup, laughter, skin care…all therapy for the aging woman. 😉 Let’s celebrate our age, together!

Songs used are from the WONDERSHARE Editing software which gives legal rights of use of their song choices~

Here are the song(s) used from this software:
“Ron Raffel – April”
“Drift – Pages Turn”
“Living Pulse – Midnight Train”
“Simha – The Man”
“Light Years – Take Off”
“A Group – Verve”

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