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Alienware’s CRAZY upgradeable laptop

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5 Thoughts to “Alienware’s CRAZY upgradeable laptop”

  1. J LP

    Can you please do a video with liquid metal compound 😉

  2. M Do

    Clevo has been doing this for a while. And they were done away with unified heatsinks couple of years ago already. 9900k and 2080 will call for Vapour chamber.

  3. Daniel Smith

    I would 100% buy this, but I currently have an alienware and fucking despise Dell’s customer support. I will not buy any more Dell products until they stop outsourcing their tech support and customer support to India.

  4. Allan Maipid

    Daddy Linus I’m begging for a computer cause I’m poor af. Even if its just 100$ computer, I’ll gladly accept it PLEASE I need 1 (I’m from Philippines btw and you can ask Edzel Yago how its so hard earning money in here) I’m gonna repeat commenting this until you give me 1 daddy <3.PLEASE #SHAMELESSBEGGING

  5. Volkier Neigh

    Cool. But the real question is – is it going to burn out after four months of use, and then spend the next 20 months in and out of repair before the retailer tells you that “the warranty ran out after two years and they cannot do anything more” – like the two alienware laptops I’ve ever had the misfortune to purchase?

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