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An Esthetician on Drunk Elephant Skin Care: What the Wheat???

Read me! Wheat-eaters who mock or give patronizing lectures to people like me are so weird. Insulting us is old news. Find something better to do with your time.

I had to use the on-camera audio because the audio from my mic was corrupted BUT VERONICA IS NOT BEING A PERFECTIONIST TODAY. #babysteps

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Turns out I actually know the head of R&D at Drunk Elephant, and we’re chatting about this.

Q: What happens to me if I’m exposed to wheat?
A: For minimal contact (skin) exposure, I usually get a rash on my stomach and the body part exposed. If I eat it in any minute quantity, I experience intense flu-like symptoms within seconds, then develop a rash over my entire body for a few days. It’s not pretty. Now you can see why I’m so anxious about it.

Food ingredients in skin care products are a problem already. I spoke about this in the past, cases where proteins from food ingredients were absorbed through the skin and caused anaphylaxis upon later ingestion.

Also, there’s this:
And this:

And to anyone saying “this is a personal problem”… Well, yeah. It’s my channel.

Drunk Elephant Philosophy page:

C-Firma™ Day Serum

B-Hydra™ Intensive Hydration Serum

Umbra Sheer™ Physical Daily Defense SPF 30 (and the tinted version)

DE’s FAQ answer about whether they are gluten free:

“Some of our products might fit the profile of being vegan and/or gluten-free, but not all of them do. If you have a gluten allergy or intolerance, please consult the ingredient decks and your doctor before using any Drunk Elephant products.”

Might? Wat??

Makeup worn:
Foundation: MUFE Ultra HD R210
Powder: Laura Gellar Balance and Brighten in Porcelain, Glossier Wowder
Bronzer: My own creation mwahaha
Blush: Tarte Exposed
Eyes: Colourpop Element of Surprise palette, Colourpop Paper Tiger pressed shadow, ABH Electric eyeshadow (from Subculture)
Mascara: Hourglass Caution
Lips: Colourpop Lumiere Lippie Stix and Colourpop 27 Lux Lipstick
Brows: MAC Spiked pencil, and a Sephora pencil I don’t like that much.
Highlighter: Fenty Lightning Dust/Fire Crystal

Hi, I’m Veronica! I haven’t made a new info box template yet, so I’ll just say here that I’ve been an esthetician for 15 freakin’ years now. That’s a long time!

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12 Thoughts to “An Esthetician on Drunk Elephant Skin Care: What the Wheat???”

  1. Veronica Gorgeois

    TWITTER!! 🤯 Go follow me @veronicagorgeoi to see my answers to comment questions!

    I want to be clear that this video is NOT me saying that I don’t support Drunk Elephant as a brand. This is specifically for people who–like me–need to avoid wheat ingredients. (And for our friends/family, who are also on alert for us!) If this doesn’t affect you, I’m *thrilled* that this is not something you have to deal with, because it completely sucks. Perhaps in the Thanksgiving spirit you can take a moment to be grateful for your lack of wheat allergy, and boop that ‘like’ button.

    This will not be the only video I do on Drunk Elephant, so stay tuned!

  2. Christina Reaves

    Thank you for highlighting this important issue! I have an autoimmune condition that is also impacted by this. Would you please review 100% pure skincare? It is fragrance free and formulated without anyy toxins. I believe the founder is actually a chemist and has some pretty innovative formulations.

  3. Kuku Boo

    How about the brands…
    Olivia Klein,
    Evolve Beauty,
    & The Ordinary?

    Thanks in advance. ❤️ I was thinking of buying these three brands for my skincare routine.

  4. Belinda Craddock

    Fragrance is my issue with skincare and makeup. It is absolutely unnecessary and in no way adds to to efficacy of products, but is in so many otherwise great products. It’s an irritant at best, but an absolute disaster for people who are sensitive to fragrance like me.

  5. Hannah Brown

    Thank you for reviewing this line from the perspective of someone with a wheat allergy/celiac disease. As someone with celiac disease, it is so frustrating trying to find gluten free skincare. I literally started making my own skincare because of this.

  6. Desiree Evans

    Because of the rise of gluten intolerance, I don’t think wheat is good for anyone nor necessary for skincare, which makes me sad.

    Regardless your hair, makeup, and outfit looks stunning!

  7. PatruzZRocK

    ok but what’s the problem with wheat in skincare? You seem to only say it’s a concern for people with a sensitivity or allergy to it, but not why a generic customer should pay attention to it. I watched this video hoping i could get more useful information for me to use while shopping skincare but I felt it was lacking it.

  8. mirrenfan2

    Welcome back Veronica!!! Thank you for this video!!! I have Celiac myself and I use Drunk Elephant, even knowing about the wheat ingredients, because I love the products so much. I’ve just been hoping that I’ll be o.k. I know it’s not smart. Drunk Elephant, please remove all wheat and wheat derived ingredients from your products. I want to keep using C-Firma. It’s the only antioxidant serum I have ever used that doesn’t irritate my skin. I’m sure there are other ingredients that could be substituted for the hydrolyzed wheat protein, wheat amino acids, and other wheat-derived ingredients. At least 1% of the population has Celiac disease. If you do the math, that’s actually quite a lot of people. We want safe skincare!

  9. Mariela Santiago

    Thank you for this video! I’ve been debating with myself over going high end with skincare, but when you read the ingredients, high end is not truly better. There are so many more affordable brands with better ingredients.

  10. Gia Sullivan

    Hi,, I’m glad u saw the wheat & silicones in the DE skincare. Wheat grown in the USA is a GMO food. I dont like skincare w silicones either, they dont deliver results. I like Sunday Riley products….

  11. Laura Poch

    Hi Veronica it’s so good to have you back!!! There’s literally no other person I would trust with skincare expertise 🙂 would LOVE to have your opinion on The Ordinary and why you don’t support Paula’s Choice anymore?! Which products are do you recommend now? Big hug and take care 🙂

  12. Maya Lockdale

    You need to collaborate with dr. Dray, she is dermatologist on YouTube who makes very similar content to yours and you both seem to have a similar philosophy in looking into skincare data. Glad your back by the way very missed and hope you keep making quality content it’s very hard to come by these days.

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