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Anti Acne Skincare | A Biochemist Perspective

Hey Science Babes! Today’s video is all about acne. I am not a dermatologist or physician and am not recommending you try any of these tips. If you do have acne consult your dermatologist before trying any of the ingredients mentioned. I am simply sharing what is available and what has worked for me.

Ingredients mentioned:

salicylic acid
benzoyl peroxide
azelaic acid
lactic acid
glycolic acid
retinoids (retinol)
aloe polysaccharides
yarrow essential oil
tea tree essential oil
basil infusion

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12 Thoughts to “Anti Acne Skincare | A Biochemist Perspective”

  1. Kenna

    Hey Science Babes! I’m going to do a follow up Q&A video on acne as you sent me so many good ones on Instagram but I didn’t want to make this too long – this is just a high level overview. Leave your questions in the comments! Thanks for watching have a great weekend <3

  2. ashy

    Can you please please do a video on your favorite skincare products?

  3. kellicole14

    Kenna can you talk about vitamin c and how it’s unstable and their derivative and if they work and info on that?

  4. Willow Germs

    Thank you for making these videos! I would love a similar video on skin texture/acne scar skincare.

  5. Rhiannon H

    Love this! I find that my acne and redness of my pimples are reduced when I do the first cleanse od my double cleanse with a mix of jojoba oil, tamanu oil and (a very small amount based on aromatherapy instructions) of lavender essential oil if anyone wants to try that. I love tamanu in skincare products and find it’s helped my skin a lot along with glycolic and salicylic and I use benzoyl peroxide when I need more instant gratification haha!

  6. Julie Garofolo

    How do I find the ph of a skincare product?

  7. Vanessa H

    I am definitely guilty of using tea tree oil undiluted on breakouts, I’ve switched to drying lotions instead but how would you normally recommend/go about diluting essential oils and making your own serum? What other ingredients do you put in it?

  8. Tranquility Tranquility

    Please can you make a video on essential oils? Which ones are known to be sensitising and which are not. The prevailing opinion in this conner of the internet is that essential oils in skincare are pure evil, but I imagine not all essential oils are made equal. I know you are interested in essential oils and would love to hear a balanced perspective, however controversial it might seem!

  9. Gorgette Adelaide

    Kenna, how did u discover breadfruit ? As is not a common Ingredient in skincare

  10. Star

    Will you be making more products geared to acne in your skincare line?

  11. Grace Zheng

    love your content! You and Dr Dray combined really give me a good guideline for skincare. You are also so beautiful!

  12. Isabelle Markunović

    Love your videos!! Could you do a dry skincare routine?
    Btw how often should I use lactic acid (per week)?

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