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Banksy Shows How He Rehearsed Art-Shredding Stunt After $1.4 Million Auction

It was the stunt that stunned the art world and the elusive artist behind it is now out to prove it really happened. Anonymous British artist Banksy made heads spin when his “Girl With Balloon” canvas shredded in front of a crowd after it sold at auction for $1.4 million, but many speculated about whether he was telling the truth, claiming the painting didn’t shred at all. Others believe the auction house was in on it.’s Mara Montalbano ( has more.

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5 Thoughts to “Banksy Shows How He Rehearsed Art-Shredding Stunt After $1.4 Million Auction”

  1. Paper Dragon

    Bansky does machines as well as he does art. Ironic.

  2. The Popular Brunnette

    This is how rich people filter their money. They get away without paying taxes.

  3. Spicy Ramen

    The real joke is that someone bought that painting for 1.3 million dollars

  4. Franksta281

    Stupid and an insult to art and creativity. As an artist i find this ridiculous.

  5. Agustin Ramirez

    That piece doubled in price definitely….after the shredding for sure

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