Be With You ANIMATED MUSIC VIDEO [Aphmau Official!]

Winter Has Secrets.

★Check out The Emerald Secret Poster:

★Beautiful Animation by:
▶Directed by: Yesid Soacha
▶Animators: Andres Usuga, David Salamanca, Yesid Soacha
▶Colouring: Diana Buitrago, Paola Buitrago, David Salamanca
▶Backgrounds: Adriana Sanchez
▶Post production: Yesid Soacha

★Be With You by Mondays feat. Lucy:

★ Watch The Emerald Secret:

#Aphmau #BeWithYou #NewMusicVideos

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5 Thoughts to “Be With You ANIMATED MUSIC VIDEO [Aphmau Official!]”

  1. Michael Arat

    Can someone help me out, is this from something? Cuz I’m interested in binging an entire series of this.

  2. Neffy

    I LOVE IT!!! <3<3

  3. Soul Sniper Studios

    7th trending where I live

    Crowd pepole: Bravo!

  4. Aliyah Briggman


  5. Farming Timelapse

    1:33 LUCINDAS BOOBS😂😂😂

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