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Boeing Gets Grounded and the FAA Is Broke AF | The Daily Show

Following two deadly crashes of Boeing’s 737 Max planes, Boeing takes another look at its training procedures for the new aircraft, and news reports revisit the relationship between the FAA and airlines on safety regulations.

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5 Thoughts to “Boeing Gets Grounded and the FAA Is Broke AF | The Daily Show”

  1. Common Sense

    I knew something was wrong with the FAA when they said the plane was fine 24 hours after the second crash without even having the black boxes and before the investigation.

  2. Saad Chaudhry

    Hey hey hey but we have money for space force, we don’t give a damn about human life….

  3. Christel Headington

    FAA hasn’t enough funding, How much did that fridge for Air Force 1 cost?

  4. theldun1

    This is the world the republicans dream of. A small government and self-regulation. The capitalist wet dream!

  5. xxGodx

    I’ll give you one guess which party cut funding for the FAA….

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