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BTS(방탄소년단)-Dionysus [Music Bank COME BACK/2019.04.19]

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5 Thoughts to “BTS(방탄소년단)-Dionysus [Music Bank COME BACK/2019.04.19]”

  1. Sumaiya Azad

    How’s two Dionysius perf trending yall Armys weren’t we supposed to try trend bwl hhhh Dionysius is a monster track dam*n

  2. Rosemary Stone

    Coming here seeing all the coments loving on J hope makes me wanna cry

  3. Nina M

    Finally my Hoseok is getting all the love and praise he deserves 😍❤ they raised the bar way too high this time ! So proud of our kings 💕

  4. pixiecouture731

    KBS World tv gained 70K subscribers because of BTS and this performance. It’s trending on US youtube too, this channel was averaging 9K before this lmaoo

  5. Hoodie Hoodie

    Jin’s vocals when he did that low voice and then that high voice (1:11 to 1:14) 👌 and Hobi my king OWNS this song 🔥

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