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Can These Chefs Create These Twin’s Magical Feast?

Tasty Chefs Alix and Alexis compete to turn twins Drew and Carter’s wizard drawing into a delicious, real-world dish. Whose dish will slay the dragon?

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5 Thoughts to “Can These Chefs Create These Twin’s Magical Feast?”


    I have one idea

  2. Showhardo Ahmed

    I love Alix

  3. Phoenix FireAnimations

    ALIX AND ALEXIS Are DA BEST 😂😂 I Love both if them soo freaking much!😍😘 And I’am VERY glad they are working together! Kinda was tired of Rie…🙁 Like I love her dishes and everything but Alix and Alexis are the best for me! 🤗This is my opinion no hate to Rie 😁💖

  4. CuteOrangeKitties O3O

    Umm I don’t like Mash Potatoes…

  5. Emily Grey

    Subscribe to nature girls on YouTube if you love this series

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