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Casually Explained: Travel

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This of course begs the question: what’s the deal with airline food? And every time I open up the same foil lined plastic tray gilded with condensation along with every other pleb in economy, I can’t help but prod at my reheated lasagna and think “you know, this is incredibly respectable given the circumstances. Good job everyone.”

Real talk though book directly with the airline and probably don’t miss your flight.

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5 Thoughts to “Casually Explained: Travel”

  1. M.S.Piranha Plant Advanced

    *-when the farthest you’ve travelled is to this video-*

  2. The Enthusiasm Project

    Are you interested in selling that Tim Horton’s voucher?

  3. Liam Wiltshire

    I love January because every YouTuber is more edgy because as sense is basically 0 anyways.
    Great video

  4. BanditRants

    1:08 best anime reveal of all time.

  5. True Medallion

    Lmao when you actually live in California…Fires confirm. 😂

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