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Coming All Next Week: The Jonas Brothers Reunite

When James Corden picks up Joe Jonas to carpool through Los Angeles, two unexpected passengers, Nick and Kevin Jonas, hop in and have a message for James: they’re back and kicking off their return with a week of episodes on The Late Late Show and their own Carpool Karaoke.

Tune in all week to The Late Late Show to celebrate this special reunion!

Their new song “Sucker” will be available on March 1 here:

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5 Thoughts to “Coming All Next Week: The Jonas Brothers Reunite”

  1. fishy

    Well I just had flashbacks from 5th grade

  2. Ciel Michaelis

    When they started singing Burnin’ Up I started scream-singing like I’m 15 again! (I’m turning 21 tomorrow lol)

  3. Whitney

    Not to be dramatic but this might be the best thing that’s happened ever

  4. Anaya Collins

    JoKe’s On yOU, tHe JoNAs bRoThErS cAn’T bREaK Up, tHeY’Re BrOtHeRsss

  5. Fazil Muhammed

    Waiting for one direction reunite😔❤❤

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