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Do’s And Don’ts For Estheticians

Nerida Joy provides skincare tips and secrets collected from her 40 years experience working with A-list celebrities in order to educate and give you facts about how to care for your own skin.

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2 Thoughts to “Do’s And Don’ts For Estheticians”

  1. Cecilia Berg

    Hi Nerida!

    I’m an Esthetician from Finland and I’m wondering if you know about any school that you can apply for after you’ve finished Esthetician school to learn even more and become some kind of specialist in skincare and in advanced skincare? Best regards, Cecilia

  2. Robin Bennett

    Hi Nerida..I’ve been a subscriber of yours for a few months. Jordan Samuel actually introduced me to your channel. I’m not a skincare student or professional, but do have a question for you. After a long term use of antibiotics following complications from last year’s flu. It killed all good and bad bacteria in my body. Of course this proved the prime breeding ground for a malassezia facial infection. I was misdiagnosed by three dermatologists..not one even bothered to look at my skin in any kind of magnifying lens or lamp. Each gave me a different diagnosis and more antibiotics. As I sat there scratching as gently as I could on my itchy face and begged for a culture to determine bacterial vs. fungal..all three refused. I’ve finally gotten the proper diagnosis and a topical anti fungal cream. My skin is still not back to normal. I believe that a good esthetician would have been able to diagnose the issue right away. The products to kill the yeast are prescription shampoos with chemicals and it’s hard on the skin. May I email you pictures of my skin now and have you make some product recommendations for me? Always a pleasure to watch you work your magic and teach! -Robin XoXo

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