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Dr Anjali Mahto’s top tips for acne skincare | Secrets of Doctors with beautiful skin

For our new series Secrets of Doctors with Beautiful Skin, we spoke to skin doctor Dr Anjali Mahto about her history with acne and how she keeps on top of her skincare.

Within five minutes of chatting with Dr Anjali Mahto, it quickly became clear that she has a real passion for her work. Dr Mahto is a consultant dermatologist. She now works as a cosmetic derm but her history of working within the NHS has turned her into a bit of an all-rounder and as she delved into the list of skin problems she looks after her enthusiasm for the topic shone through. ‘There’s no skin problem that somebody could walk in with that I wouldn’t know what to do with because I’ve kind of done it all now,’ she laughed.


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