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Dr. Anupriya Beauty Secrets & Skin Care Advice -An Interview with Nidhi Kumar

At Berkowits Hair & Skin Clinic, Doordarshan National Anchor Nidhi Kumar met with renowned skincare expert Dr. Anupriya Goel. In this exclusive interaction, Dr. Anupriya discusses a range of topics on skincare that give you a good insight on:
 Protecting your skin from pollution
 How to know your skin type – types of skin
 Daily skincare routine for healthy skin – importance of moisturization and toning
 Easy to follow everyday-skincare tips

Hear what she has to say about protecting your skin from everyday elements – pollution, dust et al. Watch as Dr. Anupriya cuts to chase, simplifies and clears up the air on myths surrounding Botox and Fillers.
Also discussed in this video is a simple method that can help you figure out your skin type. She also talks about the importance of developing an everyday skincare regime to keep your skin healthy and glowing, the importance and correct usage of moisturizing lotion and toning.
This healthy interaction concludes with Dr. Anupriya talking about skincare products she swears by and the reason these should be in everybody’s mirror cabinet.
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  1. Vaagisha Malviya

    please give some tips on teenage skincare

  2. Miyav Baby

    Hi …can you recommend me good vitamin c serum …and we wanna see your skincare routine too …

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