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Draw My Life: Part 2

6 years later, I have a whiteboard and decided to update my ‘Draw My Life’ and let you know everything that’s been happening since the last one and some plans for the future!

Draw My Life Part 1:


Content info – contains mentions of bereavement and family illness


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Music: Kevin Macleod – Incompetech.com

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5 Thoughts to “Draw My Life: Part 2”

  1. Jasmine

    *Leonardo da vinci has left the chat*


    *So has his wig*

  2. Natalie Klotzbeacher

    I genuinely missed Phil’s personality. Like bro he makes me so happy wtf

  3. someone

    Sometimes I just wanna crawl into the screen and hug Phil

  4. Aszkara Gilchrist

    I don’t think people realized how much D&P paved the way for other YouTubers. Now EVERYONE tours. They were one of the first. Crazy.

  5. Gwen Starr

    *david and Liza break up *

    Me: Love is dead

    Phil: look at my parents

    Me: loVE IS ALIVE

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