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EGG DROP – Mark Rober vs William Osman

William Osman absolutely destroys Mark Rober in the egg drop experiment.
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5 Thoughts to “EGG DROP – Mark Rober vs William Osman”

  1. Something

    Still waiting for the Micheal Reeves Vs. William Osman Egg Drop

  2. felpshehe

    Mark: I’ll use the receipt to absorb kinetic energy and a parachute to dissipate it.
    Will: I got Pringle’s

  3. espresso_deprrsso

    Make an egg drop but your only allowed to dumpster dive for materials

  4. Callum Mahoney

    Mark: Explains how they got the rover onto Mars

    William: Desperately screams asking how they got the chips into the Pringle’s can

  5. I3;4rn3

    Mark: *explains complex physical principle*
    William: *struggles to get pringles out of the can*

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