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Evening Skincare & Nuface Update! | 30+ anti-aging skincare routine | LvL

Time for another “quarterly skincare announcement” 🙂 It’s the end of the 3rd quarter already–what! Here’s where I share my current evening skincare routine for 30+. Open for more ⤵⤵⤵


Previous QSAs:

2Q 18 evening:
2Q 18 morning:


Step 1: Cleanse

╰ SImple Micellar Water:
╰ Cerave Hydrating Cleanser:
╰ La Roche-Posay Toleriane:

Step 2: Activate

╰ Curology Custom Rx: (free trial! note: curology is only available to certain American states–sorry, it’s a RX drug!)
╰ (*) Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum:,

Step 3: Moisturize

╰ (*) Boscia Cactus Water:
╰ (*) Belif True Cream Aqua Bomb:

Step 4: Firm

╰ NuFace Trinity:,


╰ Drunk Elephant TLC Sukari Babyfacial:
╰ Neogen Gentle Gauze Peeling Wine:,


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╰ Cleansers too harsh? (Cerave and Belif covered here)
╰ NuFace first impressions, review/demo:
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╰ Asian Skincare Favorites: (cover the Patchology sheetmasks in here)



📷 My usual camera:
📷 My usual camera lens:
📷 My travel camera (used in this video):


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One Thought to “Evening Skincare & Nuface Update! | 30+ anti-aging skincare routine | LvL”

  1. Nataly El

    Hi from a 31yr old skincare nerd who just found this channel! I really appreciated the thorough breakdown of your routine.I am curious to hear your preference between Cerave and the LRP Toleriane cleansers! I’m almost through a bottle of the Toleriane, and I love the texture and the ingredients are awesome (I like that it has niacinamide, even though cleansers are the category I’m okay with basic ingredients), but when my face is irritated it will sting a bit and sometimes my face will feel tight after cleansing (thanks tretinoin!). I’m going to try the Cerave next.

    I love my curology mix as well, mine is also .04 and my face never gets red or irritated, although sometimes I will get little peelies around my mouth and chin. Just started on ugly-tube-tret .05% and OUCH, round 2 of purging here I go.

    ETA: I would appreciate your (or anyone reading this!) moisturizer reccs — I have dry and sensitive skin, only prone to hormonal acne but the cysts have left me with some PIE/scarring I’m trying to deal with

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