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Evolution Of Michael Myers 1978-2018 (Animated)

(Spoilers for franchise) Michael Myers still looks good after all these years. From the 1978 Halloween to the 2018 reboot-sequel let’s go through Michael’s evolution, looks and story!

This is an update and re-jiggering with extra animation of the original Michael video, you can see the original here to compare:


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Script, Design and Animation:
Aaron Lecours

Stanton Nichols

Music Used:

Enuff Para Mi – Jingle Punks

Fun and Happy by Alex Sachi, used with attribution to hooksounds

Fun and Happy

Movie themes 05876 trailer hit – psyche by Robinhood76

End Slate:
Disco Cat – Komiku


If you read this to the end comment: “Great Austin Powers video!”

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5 Thoughts to “Evolution Of Michael Myers 1978-2018 (Animated)”

  1. Tell It Animated

    *Edit: Hey guys! I’m updating the thumbnail to reflect spoilers for the new film, I thought it would be obvious but I maybe should have made it more clear when the video reached that point, so hopefully the thumbnail updates soon, thanks guys!
    ►Thank you for watching! I always had a few problems with my original Michael Myers video and the new film gave me good reason to make fixes and add new animation.
    ►►Because this was an update it was free for the Patrons, but if you’d like to support my future animations feel free to check out the Patreon: Even a dollar a month can help make this my full-time job so guys can you get MORE animations 🙂
    ►►►And thank you all so much for your continued support on the channel, I’ll be starting on a new evolution video this week (•_•) / ( •_•)>⌐■-■ / (⌐■_■) …after I sleep

  2. Carlos22

    Ola que tal gente estoy haciendo un canal que se llama carlos’22 y este es mi segundo vídeo “VISITANDO BARRANCO :D”
    Espero les guste le den like y comenten

  3. Bill Cosmo

    Thanks for the Spoiler disclaimer…assholes lol

  4. Keycard9

    Great Austin Powers video!

  5. There are many usernames but this one is mine.

    Chi chi chi Ha ha hah

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