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Facebook’s Secret Crush Announcement & New Zealand’s Super Sexy Accent | The Daily Show

Facebook announces a privacy overhaul and the Secret Crush feature, workplaces contemplate banning handshakes and a survey finds New Zelanders have the sexiest accent.

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5 Thoughts to “Facebook’s Secret Crush Announcement & New Zealand’s Super Sexy Accent | The Daily Show”

  1. Autymn Maas

    The south African one is because of Trevor

  2. officerwoon

    That Nelson Mandela accent imitation lol XD Trevor you’ve killed it

  3. Alex SwaggedUp

    In Mandel’s voice “Time for me to set your body free” I died a little LOL

  4. The LoboGamer

    I hate the dead fish handshake one omg. It pisses me off lol

  5. Darshit Navadia

    *Accents are a verbal version of a font.*

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