Faces of DC: Mera Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Learn how to complete your Mera Halloween costume with makeup by NYX Professional Makeup and @victorialyn. Get your Faces of DC Comics Halloween Looks at Walmart!

All DC characters and elements © & ™ DC Comics. (s18)

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5 Thoughts to “Faces of DC: Mera Halloween Makeup Tutorial”

  1. 《《 GLOCKU 》》

    She needs some food…I like’em thickkkkkkkkkk

  2. 1234coolman

    Why don’t that camera zoom out. You know shes wearing a one piece.

  3. Strogie from Tumblr


  4. Brandon Christopher

    Why is this particular video getting hate lol
    It’s just a makeup video…or is it hate of Wal-Mart?? Im confused internet…really.

  5. Shaba Laba Ding Dong

    I didn’t even know watt had a YouTube channel

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