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Film Theory: What is Detective Pikachu’s Secret Identity? (Pokemon Detective Pikachu Movie)

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The Detective Pikachu movie is shaping up to be a CRAZY time! Seriously, a talking Pikachu with a mysterious past in a movie full of live action Pokemon? This was begging for a theory. Today, I found out what I think will be the BIGGEST twist in the entire movie! No, I’m not talking about MewTwo. I mean, they even showed him in the trailer. No, I’m talking about who Detective Pikachu’s forgotten trainer really is! Grab your pokedex Theorists!

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Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editors: BanditRants and Josh Langman
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


Theory: Detective pikachu is Ash’s pikachu from GameTheorists

Diamond/Pearl episode 149

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5 Thoughts to “Film Theory: What is Detective Pikachu’s Secret Identity? (Pokemon Detective Pikachu Movie)”

  1. Chris PRINCE

    Pikachu for president!

  2. Salin fall

    Hey im curious if you have and answer for this matpat i know it isnt a film or a game but please just read it if the multiverse is real and every single universe exists with every possible action or thought existing in it then that would mean theres a universe where someone destroys the multiverse in one second which means that the multiverse cant have all possibilities what do you think?

  3. Mr. Whatevershades

    How astonishing would it be if we were ACTUALLY graced with a cannon anime character cameo in the live action movie. My brain would need a minute or two to process that in the theater.

  4. Trendy Style

    Hey matpat. The Pikachu with memory loss might be Tim’s Father’s partner in distinctive work

  5. Karma Cat

    I made a theory before I saw Tokyo Ghoul RE , and it came true. All from your lessons, MatPat! Thank you for helping me become a theorist!

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