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Fyre Festival’s Model Subpoenas & Washington’s Measles Outbreak | The Daily Show

Models that appeared in Fyre Festival promos may be held responsible for fraudulent advertising, and a measles outbreak in Washington State has people blaming anti-vaxxers.

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5 Thoughts to “Fyre Festival’s Model Subpoenas & Washington’s Measles Outbreak | The Daily Show”

  1. Crystal

    Bella ha-*dad*

  2. Britney Holt

    Trevor, there is something in your hair lol

  3. Cooper Miller

    anyone else transfixed by the little peice of white in trevors hair?

  4. Star Cherry

    I’ll never forget that guys’ story when he was about to take one for the team!
    Oh gosh that’s so embarrassing

  5. Star Cherry

    Hey now Trevor don’t blame the people that were not vaccinated because of their parents.

    Instead blame the parents for not protecting their children!

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