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Game Theory: The END of Princess Peach! (New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe Peachette / Bowsette)

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Nintendo has given the world something… magical. The Super Crown. While the internet explodes with Bowsette memes, we are going to focus on the REAL result of this new item – Peachette. Toadette has gotten a magical girl transformation and Peach better WATCH OUT! Except maybe not for the reasons you think…

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5 Thoughts to “Game Theory: The END of Princess Peach! (New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe Peachette / Bowsette)”

  1. NintendoFan

    Nice lesson about bees, MatPat… but you’re ignoring all the evidences we have that Peach is, in fact, human:

    1) The “Mushroom King” was an invention made by Nintendo of America for the SMB instruction booklet.
    He was never present in any Japanese material and that’s the reason we don’t see him in the games.
    That’s also why his presence in supplemental guides and comics didn’t last long. He never was canon. Same with the queen.
    Also, the fact that the King uses a Mushroom head in the picture of that guidebook is just a simple deviant drawing made by the author of the book.  Since he was never invented, they didn’t had a design to base him. For example, in the Nintendo Comic System series, there was another version of the Mushroom King, and he was clearly human.

    2) The “Grandma” character from Super Mario RPG isn’t really Peach’s grandmother.
    She was simply a elderly maid in the Japanese version of the game. That’s was Woolsey’s fault. (the game’s translator/localizer)

    3) We’ve seem Baby Peach multiple times and she isn’t a Toad.

    4) Peachette has grey eyes because Toadette has them too. (look closely in some more recent artwork and you’ll see it).
    Not because she’s still an infant. She’s clearly an adult. We’ve seem children Toads in RPGs, they’re shorter.
    The grey simply indicate that she’s Toadette. It’s the same logic why enemies in Super Mario Odyssey have blue eyes when Mario possesses them.

    5) Toads aren’t genderless. All Koichi Hayashida said was “We never really went out of our way to decide on the sex of these characters, even though they have somewhat gendered appearances”. He’s just implying that when they created the character, way back in 1985, they didn’t decided Toad’s gender, but it’s obvious that when the time passed, Toad was clearly a boy.
    Toads do have genders, just like humans. We’ve seem it in multiple games. He never stated that they are gendeless or that they took gendered roles as they wished. Gamespot misinterpreted this information (or made it on purpose to have a clickbait article) and this false statement spread like the plague all over the internet.

    6) It seems only Toadette can get the Super Crown in the game. The other characters just get coins.
    That alone makes the theory senseless because there are no other Toadettes. We have other female Toads, but just ONE Toadette. She’s a character.

    7) Until Nintendo says otherwise, I’m pretty sure the port isn’t canon. Super Mario 64 DS was never re-acknowledged by Nintendo in other Mario games, witch means the original SM64 is the true version of that tale.
    Why would New Super Mario Bros. U DELUXE be the real version instead of the original Wii U game?
    Peachette was just a lame excuse to have a playable Peach while she’s kidnapped. Nintendo never thinks about what “X” could bring to “Mario lore” because they simply don’t care. People just like to over-analyze things, and while that can be fun, I’m pretty sure there will be people stupid enough to believe what was said in the video is canon and part of the official Mario lore.
    It always happens. People can’t understand that Game THEORY is just a theory, and that it has flaws too.

  2. Nickolaus Cantor

    Waluigi doesn’t need the super crown! He is already perfect!

  3. xToomm

    The buzzing at the end of the intro and after gave me a headache 😆😓

  4. BlackScape

    What about Baby Peach?

  5. Subscribe Me For No Reason

    Peachette’s eyes are so grey because the Toads have no souls.

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