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Glass Skin Technique using organic skincare and makeup

Glass Skin Technique using organic skincare and makeup. Have you heard of Glass Skin? In this video we dive into the Korean Beauty Trend of Glass skin and show you how to achieve the look using natural beauty products.


Wyld Konjac Sponge: https://thegreenbeautycollective.com/collections/exfoliate/products/french-pink-clay-konjac-sponge

Wild Hill Botanicals Wild Rose Cleansing Clay: https://thegreenbeautycollective.com/collections/cleanse/products/nootka-rose-cleansing-clay-1

Viva Organics Amaze Exfoliating Gel: https://thegreenbeautycollective.com/collections/exfoliate/products/amaze-exfoliating-gel

Wild Hill Botanicals Nootka Rose Toner: https://thegreenbeautycollective.com/collections/tone/products/nootka-rose-toner?variant=41800711502

Wild Hill Botanicals Wild Rose and Neroli Face Cream: https://thegreenbeautycollective.com/collections/moisturize/products/wild-rose-neroli-face-cream

Elate Universal Creme in Lucent: https://thegreenbeautycollective.com/collections/brush-bronzer/products/elate-universale-creme-highlighters?variant=6816263340095

Sappho Essentials Foundation: https://thegreenbeautycollective.com/collections/foundation/products/mia-essential-foundation?variant=41398894094

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