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Guess Along with Ellen and tWitch: Who Is ‘The Masked Dancer’?

Noting the success of new hit show “The Masked Singer,” Ellen introduced a hilarious, brand new game called “The Masked Dancer” – and they’re going to keep playing it until the FOX lawyers stop them.


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5 Thoughts to “Guess Along with Ellen and tWitch: Who Is ‘The Masked Dancer’?”

  1. Benni Rivers

    The Masked Dancer should be a show hosted by Twitch! Who’s with me!

  2. janiemarie30

    I was thinking between him and Jesse Tyler Ferguson from Modern Family

  3. MusicBankTv

    Watching from Nairobi KENYA

  4. Elite_Tony

    Who else was really curious to find out who he was😂

  5. Kt Cluff

    This needs to be a regular segment in the show! I was hilarious awesome!

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