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Honest Trailers | Avengers: Endgame

This episode is brought to you by the Amazon Original series The Boys, a revenge story about taking down corrupt superheroes. Premieres July 26 only on Amazon Prime Video.

Honest Trailers | Avengers: Endgame
Title Design by Robert Holtby
Epic Voice Guy: Jon Bailey
Produced by Spencer Gilbert, Dan Murrell, Joe Starr, & Max Dionne
Written by Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Dan Murrell, Danielle Radford & Lon Harris
Edited by Kevin Williamsen


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5 Thoughts to “Honest Trailers | Avengers: Endgame”

  1. Screen Junkies

    Which paradox from Endgame is most frustrating?

    *Watch the Honest Trailers Commentary on Wednesday at 10AM Pacific and see all the jokes and thoughts that didn’t make it into the final video!*

    One: Speak up and join the conversation- we encourage respectful debate.
    Two: Respect your community- racism, misogyny, homophobia and hate speech aren’t tolerated.
    Three: Don’t go looking for fights.
    Four: “Be nice.” – Dalton from Roadhouse

  2. Tiago Passarela

    “Reunite with all your favorite marvel heroes who aren’t clogging an air filter somewhere” damn that was too good but also dark

  3. MrThierryFournier

    Was almost expecting an America’s butt clench from that Captain montage.

  4. Ameya Gurjar

    4:06 Rhodey hoping and praying they don’t travel back before Iron Man 2 😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Wenkai Liu

    The Rhodey traveling back to before Ironman 2 killed me😂😂😂😂

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