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Here it is, the video you have all been waiting for, the true story of how Fetty broke his jaw. I hope everyone learns a lesson from this video, even professionals get hurt, but you get up and skate again!

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  1. Braille Skateboarding

    A lot of you are worried about Fetty’s medical bills! First of all, super nice of you guys to care. But we got this! Braille offers all full time employees health insurance and we are covering all of his deductibles and anything insurance won’t cover. We also gave Fetty paid time off to heal. We know how hard these guys work and put their bodies on the line for us and you. Thanks for your concern and care for Fetty!

  2. lane ivy

    Fetty:I noticed my jaw wasn’t lined up

    Also fetty: so that’s not good

  3. Twin Gaming

    Fetty: “Chipotle is my life!”
    Demon: “Not for 6 weeks.”

  4. Sven Poelmans

    OK for the next video we need:
    1. Chipotle
    2. A blender
    3. A straw

  5. Gavin Garrison

    Me breaking jaw:*cries*
    Fetty breaking jaw: chicks dig scares

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