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How to Do a Facial

How to do a facial: The full theoretical notes are available on

It is essential to either go for a facial or do a facial at home every few weeks. Do a facial at least once a week at home if you can. A proper skin care regimen really makes a huge difference in the health of your skin.

The first step in your facial is cleansing. Cleansing is necessary to remove makeup and dirt what clogs your pores.

Exfoliation, also known as scrubbing, is performed to remove dead cells on the outer layer of your skin. Exfoliation is a crucial part when doing a facial.

Facial masks don’t have to be part of your everyday skin care routine but you should apply a mask when doing a facial. Masks puts back to natural minerals into your skin and leaves your face fresh and glowing.

Toning is also part of performing your own facial or for someone else. The toner removes the excess cleanser that remains on the skin, it also balances the pH levels.

Protecting our skin from the sun is something we don’t always do. You should always apply a sunblock especially if you’re planning to go outside. Even if you’re just outside for an hour, apply an SPF 30 or higher which will keep the sunrays away.

Moisturizing your skin and keeping it well hydrated is an important step to follow. It helps the skin to maintain its normal moisture balance, puts lost moisture back into your skin and it also helps create the perfect base for your foundation.

The final step when doing a facial is to apply moisturizer. Apply the eye cream on the eye area and a normal moisturizer over your face. The will restore the moisture balance. It is also necessary to apply the moisturizer so that it can form the ideal base when applying your foundation.

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4 Thoughts to “How to Do a Facial”

  1. Andrew James - The Skincare Saviour

    …..SPF then eye cream then moisturiser? i dont think so, youve got to think about how occlusive the SPF is if thats a physical SPF then its going to be far too thick so the skin wont get any benefit from the eye cream or moisturiser because it can’t penetrate down because of the spf

    You apply lightest to heaviest SPF should be the last step when doing skincare

  2. Richard

    all of this bullshit! I am a makeupartist and an ew$xtensive knowledge of skincare and Ive never gotten a facial cuz i dont pay for some fancy smanchy bullshit of people rubbing my face with some music in the background! I do my own facials at home and i have even more equipment than most spas…I can do micrrocurrent, radiofrequency, ultrasonic, facial steaming, ultrasonic extractions, high frequency, microdermabrasion, enzym maks, modeing mask, differnt types of clay and dead see masks, variety of facial oils and essential oils, microneedling pen, potent serums and other skincare items and my favourite peel, the TCA peel 15/20/30/50% and other glycolic and salycilic acid peels. And recently i have added a photon led mask with multiple colors that do different thigns for the skin. I do free facials for friends all the time and on my self so why the hell should anyone pay for this stupid service! In my opnion these spa facials are the worst thing you can do with your money! You should save your money and go to an actual dermatoligist who can do microdermabrasion or peels. I dont know why those stupid facial spas are even open!

  3. Georgette Antuna

    Don’t understand why she applies the SPF prior the skincare treatment.  SPF. should be the last step.

  4. Kneecap

    Wait so makeup remover and cleanser aren’t part of the skincare routine

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