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How to Use Vitamin C Skincare | Product Review and Demo | 2017

Want to know my favorite Vitamin C cream and how to use it:
Dr. Lancer Advanced C Radiance Cream Vitamin C Collagen Cofactor 10x.

As we all know vitamin is a powerhouse anti-oxidant and Dr. Lancer boasts a water free formulation in an air tight container with 10% vitamin C, paired with Retinol and Shea Butter.

Sounds super luxe, and here I put it to the test for a few months and I’m ready to share my review.

A Special thanks to Yvonne from Lancer for introducing me to this product. Follow her on Instagram at:

Want to learn more about Dr. Lancer, head over to:

Enjoy and if you have tried this let me know what you think in the comments below.

Love ya guys.
Gossip Gary (haha)

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Stay tuned for more skincare madness to come and maybe even some fun and random chats.

I am not paid for any of videos, I review products that I have either purchased or received as gifts from the work I do in the industry. I only mention products that I have tested on myself or clients. I give an informed opinion and try to maintain a low level of biased. I cannot guarantee this product to work for you, but as with all things, try it at your own risk. I do not claim to be a skin expert nor am I a practicing skin technician or doctor. Please consult your dermatologist with any advanced skin conditions, or clinical treatments necessary.

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