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i tried making minecraft lava cake

i am so sorry for this //

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5 Thoughts to “i tried making minecraft lava cake”

  1. RubyRRed

    Feel like I’m watching an episode of “Nailed It!” & Jenna is the special Judge sitting next Nicole Byer & Jaques Torres.

  2. Sabbie Charlie

    This is the equivalent to Jenna’s corn on the cob but instead of the corn bone it’s a hot dog xD

  3. Crystal Wu

    Your mustache takes up so much of your lip it should have a name, birth certificate, and passport.

  4. Cristina Lingvay

    I love jenna’s “i’m not wearing a bra” stance

  5. NMBell1221

    Your cake is wet and falling apart because it doesn’t have any kind of binding agent in it. In a normal, not gluten free cake, gluten is the binding agent that keeps the cake together and gives it that spongy texture. Gluten free flour doesn’t have that natural binding agent so you have to add it in. I would recommend using potato starch. It has a neutral flavor so you won’t taste it in the final product. Don’t give up on your baking dreams! You can do it I believe in you ✨

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