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5 Thoughts to “I Wore My Mom’s Wedding Dress for a Day!”

  1. Ryland Adams

    We had so much fun filming this weeks video, I hope you guys like it!! Should I wear a dress, a suit or WHITE suit to the wedding? serious question lol

  2. Cassie Lewis

    “This is a very conservative neighborhood”
    *neighbor runs over with her wedding dress for Ryland to try on*

  3. Tachia.Gordita

    A white suit with pearl and diamond accents inspired by your Gucci slides, would be amazing!!!

  4. Abigail

    “My brother just got married, I’m engaged, Morgan’s over there.”

  5. Erin에린

    Mrs.Adams: “My aunt who died of breast cancer made me this pillow.”
    Morgan and Ryland: “Aww.”
    Shane: “Do you think she’s in the pillow?”
    Mrs.Adams: “Yeah.”
    OMG 😂😂

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