Jaboukie Young-White on Why Young People Don’t Vote | The Daily Show

Jaboukie Young-White, The Daily Show’s newest correspondent and actual young person, breaks down what’s keeping young people away from the voting booth.

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5 Thoughts to “Jaboukie Young-White on Why Young People Don’t Vote | The Daily Show”

  1. Ricardo Olmedo Ferrer

    I’m not american, but the reasons this guy gives seems stupid af, but my opinion is bs. In my country, the 18 yo vote as much as the older demographic, but then the it suuuuper slumps in the 20 something to 35 years old.
    I thinks that’s says a lot, at least here.

  2. 5 Of 12 Monkeys

    Why do we use paper to vote? is this person fucking retarded?

  3. Tacy Nuru

    I’m just wondering why voting day is not a national holiday in America. Like, how does that work?

  4. Samurai Red

    Young-White got a face like a douchebag

  5. James Kfir

    Votes never mattered fake democracy

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