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5 Thoughts to “Joe Rogan | Mexico Cartel Power Goes Beyond Drugs w/Ed Calderon”

  1. Jason Wilson

    Jesus God! If you want to cut their finances off, legalize marijuana in all 50 states. That’s the way they’re able to finance everything. If the U.S. legalizeed pot, the cartels wouldn’t know what to do. People thinks it’s coke or human trafficking, no it’s marijuana. 80% of their net income is from weed

  2. Ho Sniper

    A guy with no legs is running for mayor of Tijuana… Interesante

  3. charliemcnuggets

    no worse than south florida

  4. Anastasia Murawski

    See video by Cartel MGM “Dancing with the Devil”. I think they had something to do with the Las Vegas (MGM) shooting.
    Also a video about cartels getting Americans to help get guns from U.S. to Mexico. I think that lone shooter was a gun runner for the Mexicans, who were hired by Zionist owners of MGM hotels and casinos. Just a theory. Also, two concert goers were approached by two latino women before the shooting and told them”you’re all gonna die tonight”. A blood sacrifice? Sounds crazy maybe but I just don’t think we’re getting the whole story, and it’s being brushed under the carpet like, oh well just another shooting.Freemasons here in U.S. into the occult too.

  5. zach berg

    I hate to say this but America needs to ig ore the middle east and concentrate on the southern border.. maybe even war.. to save the good Mexicans and el salvadorans. They are north Americans we need to save them

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