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Joel Embiid Knows How to Make Stephen Curry Go 0-for-10 from Three | 5 Minutes from Home

Joel Embiid of the Philadelphia 76ers hops in a Lyft with Stephen Curry for a far-reaching conversation about Joel’s path to the NBA from Cameroon, finding a home in Philadelphia, and Joel’s secret to stopping Stephen on the court. At the end of the night, they end up at Ayesha’s restaurant, International Smoke, for an all-star meal.

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Special thanks to Joel Embiid, Ayesha Curry, the 5MFH production crew, and Next 10 Ventures.

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5 Thoughts to “Joel Embiid Knows How to Make Stephen Curry Go 0-for-10 from Three | 5 Minutes from Home”

  1. Riyaan Momin

    Steph Curry is the reason I love the game of basketball

  2. Guled Yusuf

    Best point guard in the league and the best center in the league. Two inspirations 💯💯💯💯💯

  3. DownTown _Legend

    Imagine Joel and Curry on the same pick up game team…UNSTOPPABLE


  4. Dj West

    Swear i love these short films it gives insight into other players and people lives that we probably wouldn’t have seen

  5. Elton Kparkah

    I think steph curry is the most likeable player in the NBA maybe in history

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