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5 Thoughts to “Jon Stewart chokes up, gives angry speech to Congress”

  1. s md

    Can all celebrities please stand for something?!!! Like this ?? Please 🙏 imagine what your voice could do. Just stand for something, important for other humans, you are going to die anyways what do you have to loose

  2. Nestor Gonzalez

    Yet Congress man form West Virginia had poster of never forget 9/11. The U.S Empire will Sacrifice as many civilians as it needs to, so the 1% can continue to be living in heaven on earth. This is not a new play book, All Empires have and will do the same.


    One of the many reasons we now suck as a country. Its all about the dollars, not the people

  4. copycat769

    Great speech! CNN sucks

  5. PM WTF

    If Jon Stewart was really pissed, he’s got bank, he should rent a party bus, load up all the first responders, have a ball with them as they visit each no show and egg the shit out their houses,. What is the jail time on that night in jail, who cares, they won’t press charges because someone will egg the shit out of their houses as soon as they clean up,. Wouldn’t that give them something to think about Jon instead of words, oh shame on you is nothing compared to rotten smell of eggs in the morning,. Get some balls America, power is always in numbers especially on home turf

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