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Lafayette Skin Salon – Here are 5 Key Qualities of a Great Skin Care Salon – Revive Skin Care Salon, Lafayette, CA

1- Service — You can tell when a salon or spa has great service just by the energy you feel when you walk inside. Clients want to know that they are going to get what they are paying for on each and every visit, without fail.

2 – Ongoing Education — Salons that place an emphasis on ongoing education are the ones that typically outperform those that don’t.

3 – Cleanliness — When you visit the best salons, the facilities are spotless, including the restrooms! A clean facility only shows that the business actually cares.

4 -Technology — Innovative salons have already embraced technology to market their services online.

5 – Client-centric Culture — Great things happen when the focus is all about the client.

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Hours of Operation:
Tuesday-Friday 10am – 6pm
Saturday 8am – 4pm
(earlier or later appointments by request)
Closed Sunday & Monday

Owner: Elizabeth Garofalides

Revive Skin Care Salon
3483 Golden Gate Way, Suite 215
Lafayette, CA 94549

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