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Leaving Twitch – The Next Chapter

I’ve decided to start streaming exclusively on Mixer. As of today, you can follow my stream on

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5 Thoughts to “Leaving Twitch – The Next Chapter”

  1. Serial Karter

    Ninja: I’m going to Mixer
    Twitch: The f*** you say to me you little s***

  2. Prompt Controllz

    Ninja goes to mixer, all of a sudden all players with TTV in their name turn to MIXER in their name

  3. Madden Mobile Cody

    Ninja next: “I’m leaving mixer and only streaming on pornhub”

  4. YaBoiEvan

    Microsoft must have really brought out the money bags this time!

  5. Bikini bottom Police department

    Ninja: I’m leaving twitch

    YouTube: let’s put that right there (trending)

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