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Let’s Talk This Out – Bryan Cranston’s Controversial Casting in “The Upside” | The Daily Show

Trevor talks about how a well-written post from an actor who uses a wheelchair changed his perspective on who should portray people with disabilities onscreen.

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5 Thoughts to “Let’s Talk This Out – Bryan Cranston’s Controversial Casting in “The Upside” | The Daily Show”

  1. cynthia van teylingen

    all the sad sounds in the audience and trevor saying dont be sad im doing good. lol

  2. Tk Hannibal

    “I could’ve been an African tree in the background” hahaa these bits are gold

  3. James Burgess

    “Hello Trevor, this is Disney.”
    “OMG, is this about the Lion King?!”
    “Um, yes.”
    “… do you still have John Oliver’s number by any chance?”

  4. Michelle Foucault

    That actor’s name is Ally Craig on Twitter just FYI.

  5. Tissue Faucet

    2:15 maybe because people in wheelchairs can’t play or be able bodied people

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