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Lil Nas X – Panini (ft. DaBaby) [Chowder Video]

Official Chowder video for “Panini Remix” by Lil Nas X featuring DaBaby.

Listen & Download “Panini Remix” by Lil Nas X featuring DaBaby out now:

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Animated By:
Emonee Larussa
Joey Prosser
Chaz Bottoms

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#LilNasX #DaBaby #Panini

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5 Thoughts to “Lil Nas X – Panini (ft. DaBaby) [Chowder Video]”

  1. Dutch Boi

    I don’t know if this ruined my childhood or just improved it.

  2. Gnome Queen

    Chowder is on the front page of YouTube in 2019? I am in heaven

  3. Egg with 50000 subscribers

    Chowder: Say to me what you want from me

    Panini: Chowder
    Chowder: I’m not your boyfriend

  4. Egg with 50000 subscribers

    0:50 He got it all wrong, he’s supposed to say Rada rada

  5. Timothy Sichone

    Cartoon Network, if you ever read this, please don’t reboot Chowder. You’ve already killed people’s childhoods with these trash reboots.

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