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Little School of Skincare

Welcome to Soko Glam’s Little School of Skincare. Three years ago, Charlotte Cho published The Little Book of Skincare to share her skincare journey. Since then, thousands of you have written us stories and DM’ed us selfies of how your newfound skin knowledge has helped you make better skin care choices – and with those choices came better (skin) days! But we never stop learning. We’re thrilled to launch Little School of Skincare to continue to share more skincare knowledge with our community. In today’s lesson, Charlotte will walk you through what exactly the Korean 10-Step Skincare Routine is, how to fit it into your lifestyle, and some common misconceptions. Thanks for learning with us! ❤️

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9 Thoughts to “Little School of Skincare”

  1. Alice R.

    Thank you for the video! I have a question though. Do I need to wait a few minutes for any of the products to be absorbed by my skin? And if so, how long? It takes me 1+ hour for my 10 step skin care routine but heard that it should only take 10 minutes (excluding the time with the face sheet) . Idk, I feel like it effects the efficiency of my products if I just slather it on 1 minute after another.
    Also, I feel like my face isnt absorbibg products properly because it’s always shiny looking (as in, you can tell I have a lot of products on) and I feel like I’m wasting products because it sticks on my pillow when I sleep. I Exfoliate 3 times a week but not sure what the problem is. Is it because I do the full 10 step routine?
    Also also also, I heard that people should wear sunscreen even when you’re indoors in the morning from a lot of sources. Is this true?
    Please help ! 🙂

  2. Greypax

    I love all my SokoGlam products, but even after two years of double cleansing, toning, exfoliating, essences, serums, ampoules, sheet masks and applying spf like my life depended on it, my skin still looks awful. Large oily pores, blackheads, whiteheads, millia and just generally blotchy, uneven skin. I’ve been eating better, exercising more and drinking water like nobody’s business, but nothing seems to help. I feel like I’m cursed to never leave my house feeling confident without makeup.


    I just have a question. I have a Foreo Luna Mini 2 (a machine that exfoliates and cleanses the skin) and if I use that would that replace the double cleansing or am I totally wrong here?

  4. Sulieti Tupou

    I thought I was going to be obsessed with my skincare products judging from other people’s reviews and claims that the products offer, I did my consultation with my “skin care fairy” and purchased all of 10 step skin care products that were for my skin concerns and type. I did everything one by one every week instead of doing everything at one time. As time grew, my face broke out horribly to the point where I had cystic acne. The only thing i changed in my lifestyle was my skincare products/routine. I was so sad that I end up going back to my old skin care from 🙁 I think the only thing that didn’t hurt my skin was the lip balm. I’m so sad. Hopefully one day, I’ll be able to use Korean skin care products again.

  5. katladydiaries

    One thing I’ve learned from this too is that man, it takes patience! I tried 10 products on a whim just to see what would happen to my skin, and the results were…ok. But, throughout that process I started to understand my skin and my concerns and ordered more specific products to build off of what I had originally purchased. This December will be 1 year since trying Korean skincare—all sokoglam stuff—and my skin has been doing IMMENSELY better after my 6 month trial mark! I am SOLD.

  6. Nicole S

    Is it really necessary to double cleanse in the morning?

  7. Landon Guzman

    “Who introduced the 10 step skincare routine to the us for the vet first time” 🤮…Hunny, I’m pretty sure YouTube did it first, but good Job capitalizing on it

  8. Tanisha Browne

    I LOVE THIS!! the little school of skincare…student Tan here <3 🙂

  9. Ma. Graciela Díaz M.

    Hi! I just wanted to let you know I am loooving your book (I am right in the middle of it) and I liked watching this video as a reinforcement of what I am currently reading. You have really helped me to see skincare in a whole new way and to even change how I feel about my skin! Greetings from Chile!

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