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5 Thoughts to “Making tomato soup”

  1. Jun Yoshizuki

    普段の料理用チャンネルを作りました。^ ^ Hey everyone, thank you for watching my video! Sorry if I confused anyone with multiple channels! This channel is for more unedited, laid-back cooking vlogs where I make general everyday meals. The reason I have this on a new channel is because some people prefer the type of content on Jun’s Kitchen and aren’t interested in vlogs, so uploading these lower quality videos to Jun’s Kitchen is not good for that channel.

  2. M T


  3. Dan Huf

    Why am I watching this at 3 am

  4. comfy_deaths

    This is the first cooking ASMR. You should be proud. ♡♡

    Edit: That I know of 😚😸

  5. DrFreshPotato

    #6 on trending?!??!!

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