Megyn Kelly Canceled?

According to reports, Megyn Kelly is out at NBC after her “blackface” comments earlier this week.

Then, Wayne Brady is joining “The Bold and the Beautiful” after his daughter got a guest-starring role on the show.

Plus, Normani Korday says she doesn’t want to be called the next Beyoncé and RHONY stars Ramona and Dorinda got into a fight at a fancy NYC gala.

And, TV chef Pat Neely has moved on from his ex-wife, Gina. Find out Wendy’s take in Hot Topics.
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5 Thoughts to “Megyn Kelly Canceled?”

  1. John Jones

    Y’all still love drake tho.

  2. Glados Gaming


  3. Isaiah's Reviews

    I wonder what drugs Wendy is on?

  4. Seb Fisc

    If you are reading this I hope you have an awesome day

  5. Brosybro Donald

    Megyn kelly> Wendy Williams

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