Michael B. Jordan Admits He’s Slipped Into Fans’ DMs

Michael B. Jordan is one of Hollywood’s eligible bachelors, and he admitted to Ellen and co-host Chrissy Teigen that in the past, he’s hooked up with women via direct message. Plus, the “Creed II” star talked about being one of GQ Magazine’s Men of the Year, and his reciprocal love for US Open tennis star Naomi Osaka.


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5 Thoughts to “Michael B. Jordan Admits He’s Slipped Into Fans’ DMs”

  1. yohan Urban

    love his voice!

  2. R HMT

    He is the best

  3. Donnisha Latrice

    Ok low key MJB looks like a young Steve Harvey. But I like how he deflects some of the quo

  4. Glorious Mustache

    2:17 Thank God Chrissy pointed that out. Ellen as a lesbian, thinks she can pressure and use men into whatever segment she wants as long as it makes her female audience gasp and laugh. It’s truly disturbing. She totally does what male hosts did back in the day and now they even get DESTROYED by women on Twitter. She needs someone to remind her that men have feelings too and they don’t want their personal life choices to be made fun of.


    Ellen you my forever Crush 😍❤

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