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‘Multiple casualties’ in shooting at Pittsburgh synagogue

Authorities responded to a shooting Saturday morning near the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, according to Allegheny County Sheriff’s Deputy Kevin Kraus. Three police officers have been shot and there are fatalities, officials said at an impromptu press conference. The shooter has surrendered, they said.

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5 Thoughts to “‘Multiple casualties’ in shooting at Pittsburgh synagogue”

  1. psssttt s

    Since YouTube pays the owner of the channel after a video gets so many hits and comments, cnn should donate all the money they made off of racists, antisemites, conservatives, trump followers and bullies for this video to the families of the victims and to the synagogue for clean. I think it would poetic justice.

  2. Cringe Sniper

    Thank God no one who was not Jewish died.

  3. DivineLion

    Like CNN and Fox. Both cancer comment sections

  4. A b

    May Allah punish such people who commit such crimes. It’s weird because people think Muslims are anti semitic except it’s totally against my beliefs and religion. As a Muslim, I send my peace and best regards to my Jewish community. We can also relate to such crimes as this is constantly done to Muslims (internationally).

  5. Water Filter Salesman


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